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Classic Santa Christmas Cards Making

Classic santa christmas cards making Product Detail Card Detail Paper 250g/300g art paper, uncoated paper, special paper, etc.

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Product Details

Classic santa christmas cards making

Product Detail

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I remember you once told me that maybe one day we will let the torture of life be insensitive, but when we pass laughter, tears, loneliness and imitation, we will find that there is such an eternal feeling called We understand that missing is happiness. In this life, I stubbornly exist in their own way, and are eager to walk with their own people, but also in this way to interpret the rhythm of life. I have also taken the initiative to think that the cares around them are taken for granted. Yeah, who would have taken no reason for granted, of course, for a person in this life?

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1. What service can you provide besides printing service?
If you want to distribute your printing products in China or Asia, we can provide low distribution cost and free storage for you. And if you need deliver the printing products to exhibitions in China, we can help you to deliver on time.

2. What’s the order process

1. We will send you a pre-production sample.

2. We will send you a mass production sample after confirmation.

3. QC report after finishing production.

4. Daily report, Update you the processing with pictures.

5. Update the shipping information, when will arrive in your port.

3. What is the mean OTP?

The OTP that mean is the one time programming IC chip, it is progrm the IC chip each by each burned by factory of computer.so it is lower order quantity request, but the IC chip price is higher.

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