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New Design Personalized Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards

New Design Personalized Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards

New design personalized christmas holiday greeting cards FunctionSlip switch or push button activates the sound, other methods of activation can also be achieved.

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New design personalized christmas holiday greeting cards


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I think this is a very good dating attitude nowadays. In an increasingly busy and even anxious life, time is divided into countless places. Even reading has become popular in the way of "fragmentation", and there is a real shortage of time treasure. When you are tired, perhaps you are more willing to do is read a book or sleep, with a time alone to the physical and mental health, rather than friends, running around, and even drink all day and night carnival.

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1. How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on the quantity of the order, we always advise you the production time before you place the order. If you have an urgent deadline and we will see what we can do.

2. What if I have a complaint?

We wish to provide you with 100% satisfaction. However, if you experience a concern or problem, please contact us immediately by E-mail or phone call, so that we may promote corrective action on our part.

3. How to start producing the sound module?

It is depend on what is the order quantity, normally, we will advise customer to do the small quantity order by OTP chip, and larger quantity order produced by mass IC chip.

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