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Special Happy Birthday Baby Talking Greeting Cards

Special happy birthday baby talking greeting cards Product Detail Card Detail Materialcraft paper, art paper, special paper, etc.

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Special happy birthday baby talking greeting cards

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True friendship does not rely on anything. It does not rely on career, fortune and identity, does not depend on experience, position and situation, it denies utilitarian in nature, refuse to attribution, refused to contract, it is independent personality and mutual recognition and confirmation. It enables people to understand one another's meaning without being alone. So the so-called friends are only those who make each other more comfortable living with each other.

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1. For same products, Why your price is higher than other supplier in this market?

Different products has different price, although the same product which use different paper and workmanship will have different price, as suppliers, we promise to provide the best pre-sales and after-sales service for the customers!

2. What is your minimum order quantity?
As a general rule our MOQ is 500pcs. Although on occasions we have produced for less than 1000. However, for small quantity will cost very high when considering reproduction, printing, tooling and set-up costs.

3. What's your after-sale services and warranty of my order?
Once you place order with us, we have professional staff to track your order constantly, let you know the newest process until you have received it. QC job will be conducted before each shipment with detailed QC report.

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