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Custom Handmade Sentiments Greeting Card

1. Custom handmade sentiments greeting card 2. International quality competitive price and strong strength 3. customized size and color

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Custom handmade sentiments greeting card

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Friends, is with two trees under a blue sky, together with the hot sun, together with the face of the storm, together with the seasonal gifts, looks like two trees across the ground, underground roots are entangled , Silently encourage and comfort each other. In the rainy season, friends' eyes cast attention to the eyes, silently remember your warmth. Friendship is a vine that connects the heart and the heart. You are connected with me. I am attached to you. The ups and downs make the friendship vine stronger and firmer. Friends of love, is a thread, always when you need it most, you can stretch your hands out.

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Packaging & Shipping


1. For same products, Why your price is higher than other supplier in this market?

Different products has different price, although the same product which use different paper and workmanship will have different price, as suppliers, we promise to provide the best pre-sales and after-sales service for the customers!

2. How do I set up my file?

Remember to design your file in CMYK at 300 and 100% print size. Include any special instructions in a separate file or separate layer. And don’t forget the bleed and safety areas. Indicate deadlines, and kiss cuts on separate layers.

3. What is your customized service?

Various customized services, include customized sound, shape, size, color and other requirements. In additional, we provide OEM and ODM services. No matter for logo or brand. All products will be inspected rigorously before shipment.

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