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60th Birthday Anniversary Cards, Ecards

60th Birthday Anniversary Cards, Ecards

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60th birthday anniversary cards, ecards

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Only near the heart can you come near. The heart is near to the eyes and the heart is far away from the sky. Dating is to make friends. The real friend is mainly the intersection of the souls. If the hearts cannot meet each other, there will not be a strong bond in other aspects of communication. The so-called friendship will not last long.

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1. Do you have stock products to sell?

No. We work on OEM orders. That means, size, material, quantity, design, packaging solution, etc will depend on your requests. Obviously, your logo can be printed on the products.

2. Will you save my mold for future orders?

Yes. Once we create your mold, you can use it as many times as you like at no cost for future orders. As long as you keep the same design there will not be any new molding fees.

3. What’s the shipping way?

Regarding the small quantity order, we can send them by DHL/Fedex express which we have 35% discount and the large quantity goods are shipped by ocean shipping according to client’s demands.

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