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Frankfurt Paperworld Trade Fair 2017

Winpsheng Gifts (HK) Company Limited | Updated: Apr 15, 2017

Frankfurt Paperworld Trade Fair 2017


Shenzhen Winpsheng Craft Co.,Ltd is a professional paper craft manufacturer in customizing all kinds of greeting card with/without electronic. Our main market is Europe, Japan, USA.


Our company attends all kinds of trade fair actively every year, to enlarge market and look for new inspiration. We attended 2017 PAPERWORLD Trade Fair in Germany from Jan.28- Jan.31, displayed lots of new design products, such as handmade card with stitching, wooden laser card, LED music card, fiber greeting card, 3d laser card, acrylic music card, and so on.


Lots of new customers went to our booth and discussed new projects. They liked our new products very much. Some customers went to our booth several times. It was a big success.

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